Current Exhibits

Electric Memories:  The Duncan Power House

This exhibit was created for Heritage Week, BC 2012- A Powerful Past, A Sustainable Future will be on view until May 18, 2012

"I can still hear the thud, thud, of that ancient meter as it thudded away those months and years.  It is deeply embedded in the hearts of the old timers aw we were able to cast away our candles and oil-lamps, as a new era in life of Duncan evolved," recalled Duncan resident George Mutter in 1982.

Duncan Power House and yards 1933

The Duncan Power House occupied a site on Canada Avenue in a brick building that is still in existence today.  The building represent the formative years of Duncans history, along with the Train Station, the Post Office, now Duncan City Hall, and the old telephone building on Craig Street.  Photographs from the Archives illustrate the story of the old power station and some of the people who worked there.

With the advent of electricity, new tools and ap-pliances were designed to lighten the load of physical labour.  New and Improved! is a display that features artifacts that have been transformed by electricity, such as carpet sweepers, irons and foot warmers.  When styling hair, waves were once made by heating a special metal tool on a hot stove.  Later a daunting-looking appliance was developed to create permanent waves -  if you were brave enough to use it!

Permanent Waves machine Permanent waves in action